Welcome Home To The Roots Of Cycling

Formigli is a custom Italian bicycle frame builder, based in Florence Italy, rooted in the rich heritage of Italian frame building masters. Every unique Formigli bicycle frame is built custom for its eventual rider, a one of a kind piece of art. After he or she is measured, a frame is perfectly crafted by hand using the highest quality materials and latest technology. Each frame is finished with a custom paint design. A Formigli frame is as unique as the individual for whom it was created.

The creation of the exclusive hand made bicycles is done on a small scale, allowing Formigli to painstaking perfect each detail of each frame.  The name Formigli is synonymous with the highest of excellence, quality, and 100% Made in Italy.

Renzo Formigli is one of a dying breed of framebuilding masters. He apprenticed with one of the greatest of them all, Cino Cinelli. Originally, all high performance bicycles were custom-built by hand for a particular rider, based on that individual's unique physical geometry. The framebuilder's task was to understand how a bicycle works and to match the new frame's geometry and handling characteristics to its delighted owner.  For 25 years Formigli has perfected his craft, picking and choosing among emerging technologies, blending them with the art and science of frame design he absorbed from the old masters. Every Formigli frameset is crafted with Italian materials. Each is built and painted by hand in Italy.

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